Yoga For Good Health

Yoga for Health

The secret to complete wellness of the mind, body and soul lies in the ancient practice of Yoga. A daily dose of Yoga will not only help you stay fresh and energetic through the day, it will also improve your immunity and help you combat stress in your daily life

Whether you are a beginner, an advanced practitioner or looking at Yoga as an addition to your workout, there are countless Asanas and breathing techniques which will have amazing benefits on your mind and body. Yoga works on your system to heal and keep you healthy from inside. It not only makes you look good, it makes you feel good too!  

YogUrja’s Yoga classes combine all the elements of the ancient practice in an easy and adaptable format for the modern practitioner. The benefits of a regular Yoga routine on the mind and body are many.  Here are a few reasons to roll out the mat!

More flexibility : The primary function of our muscles is movement. Our muscle groups work in a well- coordinated sequence to give a full range of motion to our bodies. However our desk bound jobs and sedentary lifestyles makes the muscles and joints rigid. As we age our body become more constricted and prone to injury. A good Yoga routine will stretch your muscles, allow better mobility and keep you agile and energetic. 

Posture alignment and better spine health : Regular practice of Yoga  will improve your posture and align your body to maintain the natural curvature of the spine. This is important to reduce or avoid lower back issues. 

Better muscle tone and strength : Stretching and holding certain postures along with controlled breathing packs a lot of power in your workout. You train with your own body weight thus strengthening and toning your muscles.

Improve metabolism : Regular practice of Yoga helps to energise and  invigorate the body, by massaging all the glands and organs in your body. It stimulates your thyroid gland and endocrine system which has a direct impact on your metabolic activity and hormone balance.

Improve blood circulation and oxygen supply to the body :  Yoga is the most effective way to improve blood circulation. Lack of proper circulation can lead to fluid retention, swelling among other issues in the body.  Holding certain asanas and proper breathing techniques will increase blood circulation throughout your organs and glands, delivering fresh blood and oxygen which is vital for the body and mind. 

Improve immunity : Yoga helps to suppress the stress inducing hormones which directly impact the immune system. The controlled breathing during your practice and Pranayama strengthens and makes more room in your lungs to breathe.The inversions, twists and bends stimulate the lymphatic system and help in removing the toxins from your body and bring fresh blood and oxygen to your system for optimal functioning of the organs.

Improve balance and endurance : Yoga is a form of functional training, that moves your body in the way it was meant to. The twists and bends engage both small and large muscle groups in the body. Challenging asanas which include arm balances, inversions postures and standing poses promotes strength, balance and endurance.

Prevent and control lifestyle diseases: Regular practice of Yoga improves your strength, flexibility and range of motion. This translates to better muscular and core strength, improved blood and oxygen supply to the organs, enhanced focus and concentration. All these have a therapeutic effect on your body by way of balanced hormones, better immunity, reduced anxiety, correct eating disorders and addictions. The result is balance and harmony in the mind and body. When your system is balanced, it can naturally prevent and reverse lifestyle diseases.

Reduce stress: The biggest benefit of Yoga is perhaps how it can help to manage stress. Stress can manifest in different ways like back pain, insomnia, acidity, allergies and so on., Simple asanas, controlled breathing, meditation and relaxation can have incredibly calming effect on your mind and body.  Regular Yoga practice is guaranteed to calm your mind, relax your body, increase mindfulness and make you a happy person!    

In a nutshell, a regular Yoga practice will help to reduce stress and anxiety, make you stronger, healthier and more focused, decelerate the ageing process and help you become a better version of yourself.

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