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Weekly or fortnightly or every alternate day? How do you know how many sessions you should sign up for? Which of our services will give you optimum benefit? Is it a combo pack of offers to overcome your health issues that will work best for you? Ask our experts. An overall wellness solution just like a multi-vitamin tonic to keep you fit, active and energetic? Consult the masters for a thorough diagnosis and the right plan.

Also refer to our exhaustive list of workshops customized to suit your requirement, anytime and anywhere in the world.

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Get Best in –class- Accupuncture Treatment From qualified and Experienced practitioner.

Medicare yoga for weight loss

Achieve a healthier lifestyle, be it physical, mental, or spiritual, with the free online yoga sessions.

Medicare Yoga For General Fitness

Yoga Breathing is a profoundly balancing pranayama (best yoga for breathing) that helps Vata, pitta, and Kapha

Medicare Yoga For Back Pain

Appropriate, ideal yoga poses suggested by a professional in our yoga classes for back pain can comfort and maintain your back and body.

Choose YOGURJA’s online yoga classes for weight loss and get to learn about the active, enthusiastic styles of yoga that help you ignite the most calories.


Achieve a healthier lifestyle, be it physical, mental, or spiritual, with the free online yoga sessions.

Our Services


Our Ayurvedic Treatments Including Panchakarma Cleanses and Balances the Mind, Body and Consciousness.


Our Physiotherapy Methods are Blended With Yoga to Deliver More Effective Results.


Best-in-Class Chiropractic Treatment to Control Chronic and Acute Pain Syndromes.


Get Best-in-Class Acupuncture Treatment From Qualified and Experienced Practitioners.

Food and Nutrition

Our Expert Guidance on the RIGHT Food and Nutrition Will Help Boost Your Immune Strength.

Medicare Yoga

Hone your skills with our professionally trained teachers who are passionate about yoga.

Yoga Canteen

Holistic and Naturally Obtained Wellness for Working Professionals Through Medicare Yoga.



Experience the depth of knowledge from experts across all areas of yoga with the best yoga classes in


Explore hundreds of live & on-demand yoga sessions online, with new content added daily.


Take free yoga sessions online at your own pace, on your own time, and on any device.


YOGURJA provides holistic wellness that offers a stable and balanced mind with the natural approach and remedies that heal your body more profoundly.

 YOGURJA expertise domains are – Holistic yoga- make yourself spiritually connected with your divine self by leveraging the advantage of yoga. 

Naturotherapy – heal yourself more naturally and intuitively with diet, comprehensive lifestyle, meditation, and breathing asanas.

Yoga for back pain– YOGURJA has the complete and ideal solution for your back pain in a simplistic and more yogic way; join online yoga classes for back pain today.
Yoga for obesity– we have proven track results that have resolved the obesity problems by following the complete YOGURJA obesity program.

Yoga for healthy lungs: Yoga for good breathing helps you to keep your lungs healthy and strong. Therefore, it improves breathing and oxygen intake.
YOGURJA can help you to cure physical illness through yogic protocols and proven strategies.

YOGURJA  always promotes weight loss more naturally without following a strict diet and vigorous exercises.


Yoga Only Answer...

With the best yoga breathing exercises and deep meditation, you can discover your true self because it helps you connect deeply with your inner.

Explore hundreds of live & on-demand classes, with new content added daily.

Learn on Demand

Learn at your own pace, wherever and whenever.

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With YOGURJA, experience the joy of good health and recharge your soul profoundly. Yoga is not an exercise; it is a lifestyle. Incorporate it into your daily life, harmonize your inner self with your body, and discover your true self.


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