Chronic and Acute Back Pain can Disable You and Affect Your Ability to Work

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One of the most common reasons for people to see the doctor or to stay away from their workplaces is back pain. What’s more worrying is that the main cause of disability is also back pain around the world.

Similarly, neck pain is another common condition that affects many working people especially those who have to lean over a computer or hunch over a workbench.

Today, a lot of people seek Yoga for back and neck pain and that explains the large scale spread of this condition especially among working people.

These kinds of pain syndromes are generally chronic and they cannot be controlled with prescription drugs. That doesn’t mean such pharmaceutical products are no good; rather, they are extremely helpful in checking pain and trauma post accidental injury.

Unfortunately, such medication comprising sedatives and steroids are not meant for prolonged use to treat chronic and acute pain.

These conditions can be best treated naturally with physiotherapy, chiropractic or better still, at a Yoga Ayurveda center under the supervision of a Yoga expert.

The use of Yoga for treating back and other types of pain and inflammation has been known since thousands of years. It is the best known natural treatment for different pain syndromes.

Yoga is a time-tested health and wellness science

Yoga has a proven and time-tested method of effectively treating different types of pain syndromes including back and neck pain.

The Yoga postures and exercises are particularly effective in strengthening the muscles that support the back and spine.

When you do Yoga for back and neck pain, these muscles help you bend your spine and stabilize your vertebrae.

Yoga is the most natural and effective way of treating back and neck pain. It provides relief and functional mobility to those who practice Yoga regularly and consistently.

One of the main symptoms of pain and inflammation is excessive tension within the body. Regular practice of Yoga helps you release such tension and get relief from the pain and inflammation.

Multiple Yoga postures and exercises for back and neck pain

The Yoga for back and neck pain related exercises and postures were codified and aligned in a systematic manner by the ancient sages like Maharishi Patanjali and others.

Such Yogic exercises and postures are known as Asanas and Mudras and each of these have a specific benefit for treating a particular health condition.

Adho mukha svanasana or the downward dog posture is very effective in providing relief from back pain. It strengthens your bones and also improves your metabolism and cognitive abilities.

Marjaryasana or the cat/cow posture is known to effectively relax the spine and relieve stress in the body. It is also helpful in maintaining the flexibility of your back.

Paschimottanasana or the seated forward bend posture helps in stretching the spine. This Asana ensures relief from both back and neck pain and stiffness, improves liver functioning and digestion and controls fatigue.

Learn the right Asanas for back and neck pain from an expert

To get proper results from Yoga for back and neck pain, you need to do the right asanas in the right way. The best option for you is to learn it from an expert rather than try the do it yourself (DIY) mode.

The breathing synchronization and coordination with every Asana as well as the duration of each of the Asanas that you do will be very important in the kind of results you get.

There is also the safety aspect that you need to remember. At the end of the day, Yoga involves physical exercises and unless you know how to do these correctly, there would always be chances of injury.

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